Be thankful for our freedom year-round

The past 18 months have been scary and unusual. Our recent celebration of the Fourth of July paralleled the ongoing concern of the pandemic and our country’s continued social unrest. 

For many of us, the tragedy of September 11, 2001, was the first time our country felt the threat of both internal and external influences caused by death, destruction, and permanent physical and emotional damage in our own backyard. More recently, COVID-19 gave us that uneasy feeling again, causing our nation to feel vulnerable. From not being able to find necessary supplies to being estranged from and losing loved ones, the deadly virus took its toll and continues to exercise destruction.

I recently saw a sign in a neighbor’s yard that said, “faith over fear.” We must not be a reluctant people in our faith. We are truly blessed to be a free nation, but this freedom cannot be taken for granted. As we are finally able to remove our pandemic masks, so must we prepare to fight for our freedom with the armor of God. Threats come from multiple sources. Our faith requires a prayerful attitude, and our independence must always be acknowledged, protected, and celebrated.

I hope you and yours celebrated a Happy Independence Day, and I hope we continue to celebrate and be grateful for our freedoms!


Attorney John B. White, Jr.

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