HWS&C: Caring for Our Community


When Ben Harrison, Danny Smith, Don Coggins and I formed our firm in 2000, we were not only merging a collective 100-plus years of legal service under one roof. We were also merging 100-plus years of community partnership.

Fifteen years later, our commitment to community is stronger than ever. The Upstate is our home; our clients are our neighbors and friends. Our 12 attorneys serve on non-profit boards, volunteer our time with local non-profits and give back in many other ways. Recent firm projects include building homes with Habitat for Humanity; collecting school supplies and food for needy families; and facilitating blood drives and other community service events.

But why is caring for our community important to us?

We have built our careers upon caring for others. It’s in our DNA. We counsel people often during the hardest times in their lives. It’s our job to care for our clients, to provide them with personal and effective advice, representation and counsel. It’s our job to help people.

This caring extends to our community because we believe we all have a responsibility to help make the Upstate strong and vibrant. A strong community benefits all of us, from the local business owner to the family raising children to the many college students that live and work among us. A strong community creates a stable and supportive society, where people see opportunity, hope and the promise of a successful future. Simply put, we are all in this together.

Harrison, White, Smith & Coggins, P.C. is proud to be your neighbor and community partner. We believe that everyone has a part to play to make the Upstate successful, and we are committed to doing our part.

John White
Managing Partner

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