A New Year’s Resolution That May Save Your Life!


We have all seen it, some of us have been victims of it, and the truth is most of us are guilty of it. Although more than 80 percent of drivers are in favor of laws restricting use of mobile phones while driving, our conduct behind the wheel often times does not match our expressed distain for the practice. Why do we feel compelled to talk on the phone or answer that text while driving? Some responses at a seminar I recently attended: “It will only take a second,” “This person needs a response right away,” “I have to multi-task to get everything done,” “I’m just too curious to wait.”

Regardless of the excuse, the core truth is that we don’t believe “it” will happen to us. We don’t believe we will drift across the center line into oncoming traffic. We don’t believe we will slam into the back of a stopped truck on Interstate 85. We don’t believe that because of a few seconds of inattention we will injure a perfect stranger, our own friends or family, or ourselves. Yet thousands of people have been killed by distracted drivers and hundreds of thousands have been injured. The stories of many of these people–sons, daughters, mothers and fathers, can be read at www.enddd.org, an organization created to end distracted driving, by the parents of Casey Feldman after her death in 2009. I invite you to visit the website and commit to the Family Safe Driving Agreement, which you may download here. Discuss the dangers of distracted driving with your children who, by the way, are very aware of your driving habits. Don’t be afraid to admit to your children that you need to change your own habits. Then do it.

If you are interested in having a presentation on the dangers of distracted driving in your child’s school or your workplace, please contact Wes Kissinger at Harrison, White, Smith & Coggins. We are committed to preventing unnecessary tragedy and will be more than happy to speak with groups in a very comfortable way about the dangers of distracted driving.

Wes Kissinger

Written by attorney Wes Kissinger
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