Depression and Anxiety Following a Work-Related Injury…Just in Time for Christmas


The Christmas season is a wonderful time of year that we most often associate with very positive religious and family experiences.  However, for many people, this time of year can be difficult psychologically, and can lead to feelings of anxiety and depression.  This can be particularly true when a person is suffering with a serious injury that prevents them from working.

Whether it is a matter of dealing with physical pain, dealing with the stress associated with the inability to make the kind of money you might normally expect to earn, or both, the Christmas season shines a spotlight on the difficulties many injured workers face.  Sometimes these problems are felt only around this time of year and are temporary in nature.  However, if you begin to notice these feelings are remaining with you and are starting to influence how you live your life, it is vitally important to have this addressed by a medical professional.

It is possible to receive treatment through workers compensation for anxiety and depression when it results from a work-related injury.  However, requests for these benefits are usually reviewed very carefully by insurance companies and are often denied.  If you believe you may be having these types of issues, you should talk with a lawyer as soon as possible to see if you may be entitled to treatment.  Often, getting timely treatment can make an enormous difference in terms of both how much and how long a person suffers.

If you have questions about anxiety and/or depression resulting from a work-related injury, please contact attorney Jeremy Dantin at (864) 660-0465 or (864) 660-0465.  We stand ready to assist with this or any other workers compensation questions you may have.

From all of us at KD Trial Lawyers., we hope you have a peaceful holiday, and a wonderful New Year.

Attorney Jeremy Dantin
Attorney Jeremy Dantin

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