An unsafe product has injured me. What should I do next?


Many people are injured by a variety of products on a daily basis. Generally, a product liability case will require significant injuries and damages to justify prosecuting a case. Product liability cases are not limited to only consumer products but also can include medical device liability. Knee replacement and other medical devices can qualify as a product liability case. Those cases most likely would involve a class action.

Product liability cases can also include other consumer products such as automobiles, household products such as stoves, gas cans and a multitude of other products. The most important thing to do if you believe you have a product that is subject to a product liability claim is to preserve the product in a location where it cannot be affected by any other outside element. The purpose of preserving the product in a climate controlled safe location is to prevent later claims that the product may have been altered. The next step is to contact a lawyer immediately to assist with the preservation of the product. Shortly after a product is preserved, testing and evaluating the product would be the most likely next step to determine if a product liability case has merit.

Harrison, White, Smith & Coggins, P.C. has experience in handling a variety of product liability cases and would be happy to assist in the prosecution and investigation of any potential case. Remember that early preservation and security of the potential defective product is the key to bringing a product liability case.

Attorney Tom Killoren
Attorney Tom Killoren

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