Six Tips for Surviving Valentine’s Weekend


The days surrounding Valentine’s Day may be difficult for anyone separated from his or her spouse or those who are actually in litigation in the Family Court.  It is common to feel nostalgic, sad, lonely or even depressed.  So, if you are feeling this way, what can you do to fend off these emotions?

  1. Don’t stay in and pour over old photos and mementos or have a romantic movie marathon! Why punish yourself?  After all, this is a new chapter in your life.  You deserve to be happy!
  2. Pamper yourself.  Do something out of the ordinary that makes you feel special.
  3. Stay busy.  Fill your time with tasks that you have been putting off – perhaps small chores around the house or some early spring-cleaning.  Make time to get to those items at the bottom of your list of things to do that never quite get done.
  4. Focus on others.  We all have a friend or family member or co-worker who is having a tough time.  Put a bright spot in that person’s day by surprising him or her with a card.
  5. Volunteer your time. This one falls in the category of staying busy and focusing on others.  There are many, many opportunities in the area to help. 
  6. Get moving.  Get out of the house if you can and get some exercise.  This idea may be a trip to the gym or taking in the sights at the many area parks.

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Attorney Allison Dunham
Attorney Allison Dunham

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