We must remember 9/11


It’s hard to believe that the attacks on September 11 that killed nearly 3,000 people and injured over 25,000 were 19 years ago. 

For some of us, like me, it seems like yesterday. I remember exactly where I was on that day and how our country reacted, mesmerized yet helpless in front of the television as I watched America and our citizens under attack.

Many of our high school and college students, however, don’t know an America without the Transportation Security Administration or the Department of Homeland Security. They will never visit New York City with the World Trade Center instead of a memorial.

9/11 had a profound impact on our country and on our citizens. Yet like with all difficult things, sometimes it’s easier when we forget. But we can’t. We must remember those who gave their lives for our freedom. We must remember those who lost loved ones and families who have been indelibly, forever changed. 

We must remember how our nation came together to support one another. And on this day, 19 years later, we must remember how humanity grew from destruction.

Blog post by partner Allison Dunham. Click here to learn more about Allison.

Attorney Allison Dunham

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