Do I really need to hire an attorney?


One of the most common questions that potential clients ask at an initial consultation is: “Have you ever handled a case like mine before?”  Every case is unique, and no two cases are the same.   While similar issues arise in similar cases in every area of the law, it can be helpful if your attorney has handled the same type of cases as yours.  For example, medical malpractice or nursing home cases present unique requirements and proof that someone who does not regularly practice in these areas may not be aware of or understand, and most likely would not be the best attorney to represent you in those areas.  Similarly, in the criminal arena, being charged by the Government with a crime will be the most important legal action a person may face in his or her life.  Choosing an attorney with knowledge and experience in criminal defense would be a wise decision.  

There is an old adage that says, “The man who represents himself has a fool for a client.” Even matters that appear simple at first can become complicated, and consulting with a lawyer about your legal problem would be a smart decision.  A lawyer is knowledgeable about the law, and more importantly procedure.  A lawyer knows how to present and challenge evidence, and regardless of the type of case, the party on the other side is most likely going to be represented by a lawyer.  Additionally, lawyers often have networks of other professionals and experts to assist in case preparation and developing strategy that a non-lawyer may not know.  If you are thinking about suing another person, it is wise to speak with a lawyer right away.  Lawyers are knowledgeable about statutes of limitations, which can prevent you from making certain claims against potential defendants if you do not assert them timely.  It is always better to consult with a lawyer sooner rather than later.

At KD Trial Lawyers., we want the best results possible for our clients, and if you are seeking the services of an attorney, we hope that you select the most qualified litigator and the one best suited to your case.  We hope that you will consider the attorneys at KD Trial Lawyers. to help you with your legal needs.

Attorney Ryan McCarty
Attorney Ryan McCarty

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