Traffic Tickets: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly


So you get pulled over by law enforcement—the highway patrol, a municipality officer, or even a sheriff’s deputy—and the nice officer issues a traffic citation and summons for a traffic violation. Traffic violations include ones issued for speeding, following too closely, traveling too fast for conditions, reckless driving, and even a driving under the influence charge. The citation, better known as a ticket, contains very important information, such as a trial date, the trial location, the officer’s name, and, most importantly, a description of the exact violation.

Everyone hates to receive a ticket. But, remember there is light at the end of the tunnel. Most people tend to show up on the date of trial and pay the ticket fine. Paying a fine for the violation triggers its report to your state Division of Motor Vehicles. No big deal, right? Wrong!!

Insurance companies analyze the risk of whom they insure and they use this report to set rates. It is important to understand that every point matters. In South Carolina, you start off with zero points. Let’s say you receive a speeding ticket for traveling 65-miles per hour in a 50-mile per hour zone. This is a four-point violation, and they add the points to your record. Now you have four points. You are only allowed 12 points, at which time your license WILL be suspended. If you were to receive a few more citations, it all adds up. Reckless driving, for example, is a six-point violation.

Unfortunately, additional problems can follow. For instance, if you are employed and have a company car, your employer may revoke your privilege to drive their company car. Your insurance rates will increase dramatically. You may even find yourself unemployed because you must be able to drive as part of your duties as the employee. Future employers also look at your past driving history and may not offer you employment because of your driving history. Many employers look at your record just to see what kind of risk you may be to their company even if driving a company car is not part of your package.

You should consult an attorney. We know how to handle these matters and we can help you avoid the problems that can follow from a traffic conviction. Traffic violations need to be taken seriously. I am well versed in how to handle these violations and can help walk you through this process. Remember, lightning strikes twice and the accumulation of points often carries severe and harsh consequences. Give me a call and let me help. You have my assurance that I will do all I can to prevent a nightmare happening to you.

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