What Do Our Clients Say About Us?

“Many people know John B. White, Jr. by reputation, as an astute and successful trial lawyer who has handled complex cases involving large corporations and the State of South Carolina. What they may not realize is that most of his work consists of small cases involving families and individuals.

Twenty years ago, a member of my family was facing a crisis and did not know where to turn. When he called the legal assistance line, he was given the name of John B. White, Jr. That was the beginning of a seven year journey during which John White used his expert legal skills and ultimately saved my relative’s life and the lives of his two children.

No one in our family had ever had legal problems before, so it was new and scary territory when we were faced with this dilemma. However, from day one, John White provided sound advice and kind reassurance. He stood by my family every step of the way, and never faltered, even when the going was tough.

We were amazed at how John treated us like members of his own family, even giving us his personal phone number and telling us to call him at home in the evenings and on weekends if we needed to reach him. When this need arose, as it did frequently throughout the case, he was as good as his word, and took the call and gave us the advice we so desperately needed.

It was very hard to stay hopeful when the process took so long. However, we did not give up because we had such a strong and knowledgeable advocate. John never sugarcoated anything and he never promised anything that he did not deliver.

This was a very complex case which involved many obstacles and set-backs because the other side was continually bringing different kinds of actions which delayed the case again and again. I have no doubt that many other attorneys would have given up and recommended trying to settle the case, but John kept on fighting because he wanted to get the best possible outcome.

I’ll never forget the day, after the case had dragged on for several years, when John turned to my family member and said: “I want you to have justice.” That was his motivation for working so hard on the case. It wasn’t about his attorney fees. He wanted the truth to be revealed.

John expertly guided us through the multiple court hearings and the final hearing. I was called as a witness in the case. Having never set foot in a courtroom before, I was nervous about what to expect. “Don’t worry,” John told me. “I’ll be there to help you.”

I had prepared detailed notes, with names, dates and times, to help me with my testimony. I was taken aback when the lawyer for the other side demanded that I give him my notes. I looked over at John and he just smiled and nodded his head.

As I placed my document into the opposing lawyer’s hands, John spoke to the judge: “Your honor, I would like to have those notes read into the record,” he said. Immediately, the opposing lawyer thrust my notes back at me as if they were hot potatoes that were burning his hands. “Oh, I don’t want them,” he said very quickly to the judge.

That is just one example of why we were so extremely grateful for John’s adept courtroom skills. He honed them through handling hundreds of cases. These skills helped him to navigate a myriad of legal twists and turns and eventually win my family member’s case.

I have seen first-hand the kindness, integrity, and tenacity of John White. He cares about all his clients, regardless of their socio-economic status. I would definitely recommend John White to anyone who is looking for an ethical and highly competent attorney.”

Alice L.
Inman, S.C.