What do our clients say about attorney Allison Dunham? She is prepared & confident.

“I heard about HWS&C from a friend. At my first appointment, I was very nervous. Then I met Allison Dunham, family court attorney. She listened to my case, asked a lot of questions and told me about the various outcomes of court. Allison responded with sympathy for my situation and confidence that she could handle my case.

I left her office feeling I had found someone to trust. She gave me homework to gather the documentation needed. I followed all her instructions and was very satisfied with the results of my case. I would definitely recommend Allison to a friend. In order to get the results, an attorney must be prepared, professional, intelligent and confident. Allison is all of these.”

Katrina C.
Campobello SC

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Allison Dunham
Attorney Allison Dunham