COVID-19: a time for reflection

Wow!  Who would have thought that a virus could bring us to our current dilemma?  It’s upsetting!  It will cause both the weak and those who consider themselves to be strong to participate in serious reflections. 

It’s a perfect storm that produces quarantine, social distancing, a horrific economic outlook, sickness, and maybe even death, coupled with national unrest and politics at its worst.  We need to wake up! 

I pray for my family and friends, coworkers, and, heck, everyone in South Carolina and the entire United States, not to mention our elected officials. 

Back to COVID-19.  With all of the political maneuvering, both sides are at fault.  When is the last time that you thought about herd immunity?  All I want is for all of us to be safe!  I am willing to social distance!   Whether selfish or not, we would like for our lives to return to normal.  We want to be able to visit with family and friends and generally carry out daily routines without fear.

I remember the words of my father who once said, “You can have all the money in the world, but if you don’t have your health, you have nothing.”

Please reflect on the fact that everyone’s health is precious.  COVID-19 can serve as a catalyst for analysis and reflection.

We should start by being thankful for our many blessings.  We should slow down our fast-paced communication.  Call a loved one or friend and have a real conversation, perhaps even send a handwritten note.  It’s a lot more personal than an email, text, or tweet.  Encourage your friends to join the movement.  Let’s get back to a thoughtful principle of care and understanding of one another.  I promise that it will make a difference!  The bottom line is that you should mean it when you wish someone to have a nice day.

I believe that all Americans feel that we have our best days before us.  Accordingly, let’s stop and reflect and come together.  The question is, what other viable options do we have? 

Blog post by managing partner John B. White Jr. Click here to read more about John.

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John B. White Jr.

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