Cross for Holy Week

Holy Week reminds us of our blessings

It’s easy to lose the rhythm of life at a time our lives are so upended. COVID-19 has suddenly made being together—one of our most basic human needs—potentially deadly. Kitchens have become classrooms, living rooms have become offices, and our ability to come together in celebration and worship is suddenly on a screen instead of together in communion.

In spite of our current challenges, this week is Holy Week, the most sacred week for all of the Christian faith. It marks the end of Lent and culminates on Good Friday, the day that marks Christ’s death. Ultimately it’s a time to reflect and be grateful—grateful for our families, for our health and for the fact that we are blessed.

I have much for which to be grateful, and during this week in particular I celebrate the good work of my daughter, Farrell Mason—a graduate of Vanderbilt University’s Divinity School, a minister of pastoral care at Woodmont Christian Church in Nashville, a spiritual blogger, an author and a mother of six. Her blog, Bread & Honey, is an inspirational weekly journey through life.

During this most holy of weeks I invite you to prayer and meditation through Farrell’s recent post: A Lighthouse.

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