Put Me In, Coach! HWS&C Attorneys Stay on the Cutting Edge of Legal Issues

The lawyers at Harrison, White, Smith & Coggins, P.C., work hard to stay on the cutting edge of issues that regularly face trial lawyers.

In July, attorneys Tom Killoren and John White attended the American Association for Justice’s annual convention in Boston. John attended a meeting to learn more about and discuss qui tam lawsuits, a type of civil lawsuit whistleblowers bring under the False Claims Act wherein the whistleblowers are financially rewarded if their case recovers funds for the government. Tom attended both a session and a continuing legal education program on trucking litigation. These sessions discussed that many trucking companies have rapid response teams that collect important evidence immediately after a collision, and reiterated how important it is to act as quickly as possible to collect information following a trucking accident. Many different types of vehicles are covered under these accidents, including logging trucks, tractor-trailers and other over-the-road vehicles, several of which are governed by Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration guidelines.

Tom and John also managed to have a little fun in Beantown! In addition to learning new things to stay current in their field, conference attendees had the opportunity to meet at the famous Fenway Park for an opening reception.

You want an attorney who stays ahead of issues facing trial lawyers. The attorneys at Harrison, White, Smith & Coggins, P.C. seek to stay active and knowledgeable. If we can ever help you with a trucking litigation case or any other personal injury, family court or criminal case, please contact us by calling 864-585-5100.

John White and Tom Killoren attend AAJ Annual conference
Attorneys John White (left) and Tom Killoren attend the American Association for Justice’s Annual Convention in Boston, pictured here at the opening reception at Fenway Park.