SC Workers Compensation Act

South Carolina’s workers’ compensation laws are all governed by statute (specifically the South Carolina Workers Compensation Act (“the Act”) which is contained in Section 42 of the South Carolina Code of Laws – South Carolina Code of Laws Title 42 Workers’ Compensation.pdf ( and by regulations (“the Regulations”) set forth by the South Carolina Workers Compensation Commission (specifically Chapter 67 – South Carolina Code of Regulations Chapter 67 South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission.pdf).  The Act defines not only what is covered under workers compensation, but who is covered under workers compensation.  Chapter 9 of the Act and Article 11 of the Regulations actually identify maximum values for numerous body parts which are used to compute the values of injuries to those body parts.

Additionally, the Regulations provide guidance as to how evidence may be obtained, shared and used in workers compensation hearings, it governs how hearings and appeals are handled, and it dictates which types of claims must be mediated (mediation is a formalized proceeding where the parties come together with a mediator who helps them attempt to settle the case) in South Carolina.

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