Internet Can Help or Hinder Adoption


The Internet has come to play a huge role in the adoption process, as it has in many aspects of modern life. The Internet can be a helpful source of information and a way to maintain a connection, but it can also cause problems when it comes to adoptions.

Here are some ways the Internet has helped make adoption more popular, accessible, and accepted:

  • Prospective parents can do most of their adoption research online, get detailed information, compare types of adoption, compare agencies, and apply online. The depth of information available online has made the process clearer, faster, more global, and much more available.
  • Birth mothers can use the Web to get information about their options, compare agencies, and check out information about prospective adoptive parents. Deciding to place a child for adoption is a very private and difficult decision and now can be made almost entirely in the privacy of the birth mother’s home.
  • A recent study by the Donaldson Adoption Institute found that the Internet makes it much easier for adoptive parents and birth mothers to learn about each other, evaluate each other and then to stay in touch after the adoption has taken place. Contact between birth and adoptive parents after the adoption is easy to maintain through email, social media, blogs, and other communication tools, assuming the parties consent. However, South Carolina does not have “open” adoptions.

Internet Dangers

Even though the Internet has had a positive impact on adoption, this does not come without some dangers. For example:

  • The Internet has made it much easier for fraud and misleading information to complicate the adoption process. Fake agencies, women pretending to be pregnant, adoption facilitators without credentials or experience and many other dishonest people have used the Web to perpetrate scams on hopeful prospective parents. Because of this, it is essential that you work with a skilled and experienced adoption attorney who can guide you and protect your rights.

The Internet can be a wonderful tool as you move forward through the adoption process if you proceed with caution and use it wisely.

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