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If you are under a criminal investigation or have been arrested and charged with a crime, you need the help of our experienced criminal defense team at KD Trial Lawyers. Being accused of criminal acts brings consequences beyond the emotional strain and embarrassment you might initially experience. You may be facing thousands of dollars in fines, significant time behind bars, restrictive probation, or even life in prison. How you respond to the charges could change the rest of your life.

Our firm can help you develop legal strategies that will best serve your interests. We represent individuals charged with crimes and with post-conviction matters of all types and severity. From traffic tickets to murder, no case is too small or too big for our criminal defense lawyers. Our team includes former prosecutors, as well as a former Narcotics and Vice Squad Officer for the Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office. With an abundance of law enforcement and legal experience to use on your behalf, we are prepared to mount the defense you need in search of optimum results, such as dropped or reduced charges, diversion programs, and case acquittals. 

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Criminal Defense Cases We Handle

We handle all types of misdemeanor and felony charges, including but not limited to:

  • DUI: These include first offenses, repeat offenses, offenses involving property damage, bodily injury to others, or fatality DUI. We represent adults, those under 21, and commercially licensed drivers. 
  • Cyber crimes: These types of offenses are all related to the internet, including identity theft, phishing and hacking, sex offense solicitation, and more.
  • Juvenile crimes: We assist parents and minors in navigating the juvenile justice system in the event of arrests and criminal accusations.
  • Domestic violence: These are serious matters in which you may be facing jail time, fines, probation, restraining orders, and other court orders, such as anger management programs.
  • Drug crimes: We represent state and federal drug offenses, ranging from possession to distribution, sales, manufacture, cultivation, and trafficking. 
  • Federal crimes: These are among the most serious of all charges, often resulting from sophisticated and intense investigations by the FBI and other federal agencies. You will need a federal criminal defense lawyer on your side as soon as possible.
  • Traffic violations: These can range from speeding tickets to reckless driving, driving on a suspended license, and other offenses in which you may stand to lose your license.
  • Assault and battery: Because of the use of force or the threat of force, convictions for these offenses can be serious. We represent clients in third-, second-, and first-degree charges, as well as those of an aggravated nature.
  • Burglary: Charges related to burglary are also categorized according to degree, with the first degree being the most serious. These are felony crimes.
  • Gun crimes: Weapon charges are complicated and call for the services of a defender who understands the nuances of South Carolina gun laws.
  • Theft and shoplifting: Stealing merchandise, petty theft, and grand theft involve misdemeanors and felonies in which convictions can result in criminal penalties as well as harming future employment and other life opportunities.
  • Possession of stolen vehicles: The charges for this crime will depend on the value of the vehicle and range from misdemeanors to felonies.
  • Sex crimes: These are among the most serious and stigmatizing of all accusations. You will need an attorney who knows how to investigate and apply all necessary defense skills to help you fight back.
  • Violent crimes: Violent crimes include manslaughter, murder, attempted murder, arson, kidnapping, and more and rank among the most serious charges anyone can face.
  • White-collar crimes: These are generally nonviolent crimes committed for financial gain, such as identity theft, embezzlement, forgery, and various types of fraud against individuals, businesses, and governmental agencies. 

Representation Without Judgment

At KD Trial Lawyers, we don’t judge our clients. We understand that there are two sides to every story. Judging is not our job. Our job is to provide the defense that you need, uphold your rights under the Constitution, and be an effective advocate every step of the way. You deserve a voice, your day in court, and the right to be treated as innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. 

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We understand that there are two sides to every story. That’s why we do not judge our clients. That’s not our job. Our job is to provide the defense our clients need.

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    "Luckily a friend recommended Tom Killoren and he was amazing."

    My uncle is special needs and was severely injures in two car accidents one resulting in severe damage to his body almost resulting in death. Luckily a friend recommended Tom Killoren and he was amazing.

    - Hannah B.
    "I will always be grateful to you!!"

    I cannot begin to share in words what the KD law firm has done for me, after spending most of my life protecting others, I ...

    - Christopher M.

    In 2019, a friend recommended Wes Kissinger as an Attorney to represent me after I had been attacked by 5 dogs. Once I met with them, they immediately began working on my case.
    I feel so blessed to have been represented by Attorney Kissinger.

    - Barbara L.
    "I wouldn’t go to any other attorney."

    I wouldn’t go to any other attorney in the Upstate. Allison is exceptionally responsive, and I appreciate that she always answers questions personally and thoroughly.

    - Derek L.
    "He cares about your situation."

    Steve Denton is wonderful! He is very honest and efficient! Very easy to get an appointment with and a call back from! He doesn’t sugarcoat reality and I truly feel he cares about your situation.

    - Lexa M.
    "He didn’t make it feel like business – he made it feel like family."

    Throughout the process, he didn’t make it feel like business – he made it feel like family. Jeremy is professional and personable, and he made me feel comfortable.

    - James B.
    "Easy to talk to yet still very professional."

    We respect Ryan McCarty for his courtesy and knowledge; he is easy to talk to yet still very professional. I would recommend him without any misgivings.

    - Sue M.
    "They truly treat you like family."

    They truly treat you like family. He was able to get me more money than I thought I would get in my settlement.

    - Matthew M.
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