Don’t be breaking the law when you are breaking the law


Here’s the situation: Felon Fred and his wife Wilma are fishing without a license in a pond situated on private property. (They trespassed to get to the pond.) Fred also decided it would be a great idea to have a pistol on his side just in case he is attacked by critters.  It is a hot day, so Fred is quickly consuming the finest domestic beer while sitting on the dock feeding the fish.  Fred’s wife starts complaining about the heat and humidity and demands that they pack up and leave immediately.  Fred is enjoying those Milwaukee’s Best and says to Wilma in a very loud and threatening way, “sit down, we ain’t goin’ nowhere, and besides, the fish are going to start jumping when I deploy my newest invention!”

Wilma and Fred begin to argue, and Fred reminds Wilma of the peacemaker on his side and taps it just to show her he means business. Meanwhile, Barney, the landowner, hears the commotion. Suddenly, he sees fish flying everywhere. He investigates further and sees the electrical lines from an old crank phone in the water. What’s worse, he sees Fred with a large net in one hand scooping the fish out of mid-air while his trusty six-shooter is in his other hand.

In the distance, Fred hears sirens. Within a few minutes, Deputy Pebbles and Officer Bam-Bam arrive on scene. I suspect by now you are writing the ending as you read this. The point is Fred is breaking the law while breaking the law. He is bringing attention to himself and, as a consequence, causing himself more trouble. He started out by trespassing so he could simply wet his hook. Then, he decided to drink way too much while fishing without a license, while being armed, and committing domestic violence against Wilma. Unfortunately for Fred, he is compounding a simple violation of law by committing more serious crimes.

If you find yourself in a situation like Fred, call me. But in the meantime, don’t be breaking the law when you are breaking the law!

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