How do you choose the right lawyer?


In today’s world, choosing the right lawyer for you is more important than ever before.  Unfortunately, due to current social distancing guidelines and limited in-person contact, this task is more difficult.  What should you look for and how do you choose the right lawyer?

First, search the backgrounds of lawyers in your area through a web search.  Google is an invaluable tool and most law firms now have a comprehensive web presence that details the education and background of the lawyers in that particular firm. This resource lets you browse a number of lawyers and allows you to get a feel as to who might be best suited to help you with your particular need.  Online reviews are abundant.  Read up on the firm you are choosing and the lawyers in that firm.  While not everything you read on the internet is true, these reviews can certainly help, especially if you notice a pattern.

Perhaps the most important piece of advice is to set up a consultation.  While in-person appointments may be limited, phone consultations and video conferencing are increasing in popularity.  Both of these options will allow you to “meet” the lawyer you are considering and to get a feel for his or her personality.  Attorney–Client relationships are much like any other everyday relationship: comfort is key.  A phone call or video conference to discuss your situation will likely allow you to get a feel for that lawyer’s personality and your compatibility.  An initial consultation is also your opportunity to ask questions, which can help you make your decision.  

Ultimately, while choosing the right lawyer today can be more difficult, it is certainly not impossible.  Use technology to your advantage and research diligently to find the right lawyer for you.

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