Will my insurance cover me on a scooter?


Recently, Spartanburg has seen electric scooters popping up all over the city.  These electric scooters are available for rent and offer a fun and convenient way of traveling through downtown.  Electric scooter rentals have become popular in cities across the country, but before you rent and ride, you should question whether you are properly insured against any injuries caused by you while riding a rented scooter.  For example, if you run into the side of a car or cause a car wreck while riding a scooter, does the liability coverage on your automobile protect you and pay for these damages?  What about your homeowner’s insurance?  What if you run into someone and injure them?   Who pays for these types of damages and injuries?

Liability insurance coverage is what protects you if you cause bodily injury or property damage to someone else using these electronic or motorized forms of travel.  Do not assume that electric scooters are a type of vehicle covered under your auto insurance policy.  In most instances, unless these types of vehicles are specifically listed on your automobile insurance policy, there is no coverage provided for operating electric scooters or similar devices.  What about your homeowner’s insurance?  Again, in most instances, motorized vehicles are excluded from the homeowner’s insurance policy unless they are used to assist handicapped persons, i.e., an electric wheelchair. 

Also, check the fine print in the rental agreements.  Many scooter rental companies place the responsibility for damages and injuries caused by the riders on the riders themselves.  The rental agreements will often contain language that waives or relieves the scooter rental companies of any liability caused by a rider.  If you are going to rent an electric scooter or some other type of shared, motorized form of travel, you should contact your insurance agent to see if you are covered for any damages or injuries caused by your use of the rented scooter, and also inquire about what additional coverages may be available to protect you from any liabilities created when using the scooter. 

Attorney Ryan McCarty
Attorney Ryan McCarty

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