New Motorcycle? Time to update your insurance policy



New Motorcycle? Time to update your insurance policy.

Well, it was time for an upgrade. I just traded the 2017 motorcycle for a 2022 motorcycle and, although my wife may disagree, there is a difference. For starters, the old one was silver and orange. The new one is black and orange. It also has more safety technology than we could have thought of a decade ago; ABS, traction control, electronically adjustable suspension, and even adaptive cruse control. Having taken on- road and off-road performance courses, I can attest firsthand to the real-world safety benefits of the technology now available on most new motorcycles. Unfortunately, even with all that technology, accidents do happen. Buying a new bike is the perfect time to review your insurance policy with your agent and make sure you and your family are protected when it comes to insurance coverage.


When I purchase a motorcycle, whether it be from an individual or a dealership, I call and email my agent with the bike information and VIN and confirm coverage at the time ownership is transferred. Although your policy likely contains a newly acquired vehicle or motorcycle clause that gives you a limited amount of time to notify the insurance company of the acquisition, there are several ways an insurance company may challenge an extension of your existing coverage, and the best practice is to notify your agent of the purchase of the new motorcycle immediately. In today’s world a temporary insurance card can be emailed to you within minutes. This is also the perfect time to review your coverage limits with your agent and increase your coverage limits if needed. Click here for my recommendations regarding coverage.


Protect yourself as much as possible from the inherent risks of riding motorcycles. Wear the right gear, ride safe, and cover yourself and your family with sufficient insurance, I hope you never need to use it. But if you are hurt in an accident, we are here to help.

Blog post by Managing Partner, Wes Kissinger.


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