Always Be Prepared for the Unexpected!

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In 2016, the South Carolina Department of Insurance published a Media Release “urging South Carolinians to be prepared in the event that they are involved in an auto accident.” Did you know that a traffic collision was reported every 3.6 minutes in South Carolina in 2021? Of those collisions, there was one fatal collision every 7.9 hours; one injury collision every 14.4 minutes; and one property damage collision every 4.8 minutes.

Through my years of practice as a trial lawyer, I have found it to be very beneficial to obtain as much information as possible at the time of an incident. This is especially true when it comes to automobile collisions, as some information may not be available as time passes. Below are some things you can do to be prepared in the event of a collision, as well as things to do if you are involved in a collision.

Be Prepared

  • Keep a copy of the vehicle’s registration card and insurance card readily accessible.
    • South Carolina permits proof of insurance electronically.
    • Section 38-55-720(A) provides that notices or evidence of coverage may be delivered, stored and presented by electronic means…
  • Setup your Medical ID in the Health App on your phone.

First responders can access your Medical ID and emergency contacts from the lock screen, without your passcode.

  • Go to SettingsA grey and black logo

Description automatically generated and locate the Health App.
  • Select Health and locate Medical IDA red heart on a white background

Description automatically generated under Medical Details.
  • Access Medical ID and add the necessary information, including emergency contacts.

At the Scene

  • Call 911 and provide as much information to the dispatcher as possible.
  • If you are able to exit your vehicle safely, take pictures of the damage to your vehicle, as well as the other driver’s vehicle. Also, take pictures of the scene {roadway, intersection, posted speed limit, etc.}.
  • Obtain the name and contact information for any witnesses.
  • Request medical attention if you are injured.
  • Obtain towing information for your vehicle, if the vehicle cannot be driven from the scene.

At the Hospital

  • “Be a wimp.” Tell the doctor and nurses every ache, pain, sore spot, etc.
  • Take pictures or request for pictures to be taken of your injuries.
  • Ask questions regarding your injuries and follow-up treatment.

After the Accident

  • Get some rest.
  • Contact me (Toria Smith) at 864-585-5100 for a consultation.
  • Do not discuss your personal injuries with the insurance adjuster. You may discuss your property damage, but I would advise you not to discuss anything beyond damage to your vehicle.
  • Start a journal. Keep a record of your medical treatment, to include the date of each visit and symptoms of each injury. Even if it appears that you are getting better, remember to report every ache, pain, sore spot, etc.

Here, at KD Trial Lawyers, we care about our clients, and we want you to be prepared for the unexpected. If you have been involved in an accident, or if you have questions regarding any of the information provided, please contact me at 864-585-5100.

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