How HWS&C Helps Real People


The founding members of Harrison, White, Smith & Coggins have more than 150 years combined experience in providing quality legal services to the people of Upstate South Carolina. Each of us are natives of Spartanburg County and feel a special responsibility to the people of this region. The younger members of our firm add nearly another 150 years of combined experience in helping real people with real problems. There is nothing more important to any of us than helping you through your time of crisis.

At HWS&C, our philosophy is to find the best answer for each client’s situation. In doing so, we always focus on the client’s needs rather than simply what the law may allow. For example, in some cases, an early settlement may be a better answer than years of expensive litigation where the cost of winning is more than the value of the case itself. Other times, the principle involved may be more important to you than the cost involved. In every case, we listen to you and work to accomplish the result you want and need.

In those cases, where litigating the matter is necessary, we fight for you without reservation or hesitation. We will bring the full resources of our firm to bear on every case for every client. Our lawyers regularly appear in the courts of our state, and we know what to do when we get there. While we have achieved record-setting results at times, each of us has also been humbled by clients who were simply grateful that there was someone willing to believe in them and to fight for them, regardless of the outcome.

No one ever wants to be arrested, fired from a job, suffer a serious injury, or see their marriage fall apart. Unfortunately, these are real life tragedies that happen to someone somewhere every day. When it happens to you or your family, we’re here to help. We will be the friend and guide to get you through such rough times. That’s what we do and, more importantly, that’s who we are at HWS&C.

John White
John White
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