We salute those on the front lines of COVID-19


KD Trial Lawyers. remains Client First. Client Focused. during this pandemic.  We can stay that way because of the hard work of those serving not only on the frontlines of the healthcare industry but also because of our educators.  Seemingly overnight, our teachers and administrators across public and private school systems created a new way to teach.  Books and other supplies were dropped at doorsteps, school buses delivered wifi, and zooms became an everyday occurrence.  Society is not at a standstill because of our educators.  They keep our children engaged in a way only they can do and provide a sense of normalcy in what are otherwise crazy times.  Children are still learning to read, to do crazy math, and what it means to do something for the greater good of humanity.  

The next generation of frontliners will still be educated and ready to serve because of the hard work and dedication of today’s educators in the face of Covid-19.  KD Trial Lawyers. is forever grateful. 


Griffin Littlejohn Lynch

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