Tips For You Immediately After A Car Accident


Being involved in a car wreck is a serious matter.  You may have been lucky enough to have not been injured in the wreck, but your car was probably not so lucky.   You can do some some things immediately after the wreck to preserve your rights and make a stronger case for yourself. 

Taking pictures of the scene of the wreck and the damage to the vehicles involved are an important part of any claim for bodily injury or property damage resulting from a wreck.  Pictures preserve important factors like weather, road, and light conditions as well.  Photographs are important whether a lawsuit is eventually filed or not.   Almost everyone today has a camera on their cellphone, and these cameras work just fine to document the scene of the wreck.  Take as many pictures as you can to document the scene.  You never know what may be important later.  Here are some tips and recommendations about the pictures you should try to take:

  • make sure the camera is in focus and the picture is clear
  • pictures of the damage to your car (close ups and from a short distance)
  • If the air bags deployed, take pictures of the interior of your car
  • pictures of the damage to the other cars involved in the accident
  • license plates of the other cars involved in the accident
  • any skid marks
  • any car parts, shattered glass, or other debris that may have fallen onto the road
  • the accident site (i.e., the intersection, parking lot, or other location)
  • any stop signs, traffic lights, or any other sign that directs or controls traffic in the area of the wreck
  • the pavement or roadway, especially if weather conditions are a factor in the wreck

Taking pictures from different distances and different angles is also important.  Taking pictures from too far away can cause you to lose important details.  Conversely, zooming in on details in all your pictures can cause you to lose the overall context.  

If you have been involved in a car wreck, please contact me to discuss whether you may have a case against the at-fault driver which could entitle you to recover for and be compensated for your injuries and damages.  

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